Doreen Lasenby

Stella and I took your 8 week beginners puppy class recently and found it a fun, laid back experience.  Keeping your classes small (4-5 young pups up to a year or so old) made for more individual attention as needed. Although these pups were much larger than Stella, who is a mini schnauzer, she was still participating in the class.  The sessions dealt with basic commands with work sessions broken up with free/play time periods. Over time the owners bonded and shared time with each others' pups, welcoming each pup as it arrived and during class.  This bonding was engendered by you Anne. 

I continue to use your teaching methods with Stella and she is responding.  We do visit the markets to further her socialization with a variety of dogs.  by the end of our classes Stella was losing her apprehension with the larger puppies and they were approaching her to play....which was a milestone!  We will continue with the next step in your classes Anne.  I do appreciate your efforts to set up playdates with other pups Stella's size.  She totally enjoyed the run  and tumble of pups her size.  We'll see you when the new session begins. Thanks again!



Barry & Debra Mutter

Bayley benefited at several levels from New Trix training.  He now responds to instruction. He heels and walks comfortably in crowds.  The socialization with other dogs is important to attain a healthy temperament & attitude. We would advise anyone with a new puppy to enroll their dog in New Trixs Dog Training.

When are you starting your next class? See you @ Champlain!



Anns involvement in our lives and with Rainy has been essential. She has helped us create a well mannered, happy and responsive companion for us, a gift that will continue throughout Rainys life. We are very much indebted to Ann and heartily encourage other to engage her services.

Ian Toms and Alison Scott with Their dog "Rainy"

We have had the pleasure of working with Ann for nine months since our puppy was four months old. Anns gentle and loving manner in puppy training classes has helped Rainy learn the basic commands such as some, it, lie down, stay, shake a paw, hold, and heel. After only one home visit with Ann, Rainy stopped counter surfing and now goes to her mat instead of begging at the table. Anns group outings to the farmers market and pet store have given Rainy confidence with other dogs and people, as well as to encourage her to be gentle. Anns puppy play sessions have given Rainy and us the chance to interact with others, and let the puppies learn gentle and socially appropriate behaviors. Ann has walked Rainy on many days, reinforcing “come”, “stay”, heel” and social interaction with other dogs and people. Anns walking exercises Rainy so that when we come home from work, she is happy to see us but mellow and engaging instead of anxious to play.


Susan Stevenson and her dog "Oliver"

My dog and I have been working with Ann since he was five months old. Ann's knowledge of puppy behaviour and her positive training techniques and advice have resulted in a dog who is a pleasure to take out. Because Ann has encouraged me to expose Oliver to a variety of social situations under her guidance, he has become a dog who is confident, not frightened by noises, and meets people, children and other dogs with balance and friendliness.

I am truly thankful to Ann for teaching me how to work with my dog in such a successful, positive  and enjoyable way.